Table TennisLondon Middlesex Table Tennis Club


We are sorry to announce London Middlesex Table Tennis Club is closing doors for good after Thursday 29th of November 2018. We would like to thank all members for making this place the friendly table tennis central it has been all these years. Please drop by the club to discuss prorated refunds, say goodbyes, and catch last few games at the club.

Until and including the last day, the club is open as usual Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu eves, but is closed Fridays.

Hours & Contact Information

Hours Until & Including Nov 29th 2018

Monday: 6-10pm. Popular with intermediate & advanced players.
Tuesday: 7-10pm. Great for all levels, families & those getting lessons.
Wednesday: 7-10pm. All levels. League cancelled. Ask about refunds.
Thursday: 7-10pm. Popular with all levels.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: closed. Or special hours for special groups.

Special Hours

Club venue may be available outside regular opening hours for special events. Phone Daniel Tessier for information.